Convenient Biometric Testing—for Health Monitoring & Early Self-Detection

Biowatch gives athletes and health interested users access to professional laboratory analyses of biological material. Test results allow the user to understand health imbalances, improving of the overall quality of life by early and convenient self-detection and prevention.

End-to-end Health Monitoring Solution

Biowatch is a unique combination of best in class logistics handling, certified laboratory partnerships and heavily tested end-user usability. All in one integrated flow that's hand-holding users through one-time or recurring biomarker tests.

Test kits

Sample Collection

Biowatch provides all-in-one test kits for collecting and handling sample material such as blood. Test kits are paired with user's device prior to testing.

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing

Biowatch logistics partners handle safe transportation of tissue samples. Samples are brought to certified partner laboratories within the required time ranges.

Results Delivery

Results Delivery

Users automatically get results from laboratory testing returned within their Biowatch application. Certain verticals have health personnel looped in in data analysis and results delivery.

All-In-One. Self-Service. Anonymous.

Biowatch provides an All-In-One solution. This means that each kit contains everything needed for quality sample collection and transport of sample material to laboratory analysis.

The kit is solely tied to the information provided by the user during the Biowatch signup process. This means that analysis and results can be fully anonymous when needed.

To ensure the best possible end-user experience Biowatch provides complete instructions and explanations. This includes best practices for users to collect and handle the sample material.

The integrity of the Biowatch solution makes it possible to provide biometric health testing to people in rural areas and others who cannot easily be transported to a doctor or hospital for testing. Further Biowatch provides increased access and convenience for anyone wanting on-demand insights into their body and health.