Next level employee health and selfcare


Giving employees the ability to track their biometric health and receive individual guidance on health optimisation.

Biowatch is bringing attention and ability to health selfcare for a more health-motivated workforce.

Precise and anonymous physical health analysis and guidance

Biowatch's privacy-first approach to handling individual employees' health data is essential to providing a workplace solution that's both trusted and secure.

When a new blood sample is taken for analysis Biowatch does not require any kind of personal information to be attached to the sample. This means that the laboratory biomarker data is not tied to an individual.

For individual guidance, professional health therapists approved by Biowatch review the results, not the individual employee. This allows workplaces to offer health analysis to employees and track overall – never individual – workplace health.


01Test kit selection

The Biowatch solution provides pre-packaged selections of biomarker tests. The kits are customised for health providers, employers and individuals to accomodate for specific requirements.

02Blood test

All-in-one test kits for collecting and handling sample material. Safe. Easy. Fast.

03Results and monitoring

The Biowatch test results provide accurate health insights that empower employees and health providers to create highly personalised health plans.

Who we are

The Biowatch team was founded in Aarhus, Denmark in 2017. We are a team of passionated biohackers, designers and health specialists, committed to democratise data-driven healthcare. Meet us today.

Mikkel Thykjær Jørgensen
Founder, CEO

Mikkel has been working for more than a decade as a corporate lawyer with primary focus on tech, transactions, investments and corporate law. Mikkel holds positions as board member and advisory board member in several companies and startups. Mikkel has a passion for reading books, “quantified self” and connecting “new dots”.

Nickolai Damgaard
Head of Sales
+45 2990 9728

Nickolai has a past at Bestseller as sales manager for UK/IRE. He later changed his profession and has worked within healthcare for the last 10 years – focusing on preventing and combating diseases. Today, Nickolai works as a health coach, biohacker, national radio host, lecturer, and author. Throughout his career he's built an impressive network across health-related businesses, pension companies and the majority of the Danish healthcare professionals.

Kim Jepsen Lauridsen

Kim brings +5 years of startup and +5 years of international experience from working in multicultural companies as Siemens Wind Power and Bestseller.

Kim hold´s a Master Degree in MSc in Economics & Business Administration (MBA), within the field of Management & Leadership.

Jan-Elo Jørgensen
Lab Research Lead, Business Scientist, PhD

Jan-Elo has a Masters and PhD in Molecular Biology, specializing in plants. Jan-Elo is an innovator, networker, lecturer and holds +10 years of research and genetic experience. He has knowledge and skills within LAB operation, patents, research and PCR.

Ida Bøgh Andersen
Biochemist, PhD

Ida has worked in a multidisciplinary field of biochemistry, medicine and health science for 6 years in a hospital laboratory. She has knowledge and skills within the clinical biochemical laboratory (HPLC-MS/MS, quality assurance and validation), biostatistics and epidemiology.

Mikkel Bo Schmidt
Co-founder, Design

Mikkel is a design engineer with consulting experience from Designit, Made by Makers, Epic on Repeat and his own consultancy. Mikkel was Head of Design in Tradeshift (DK unicorn) during the first 6 years since the company’s founding, and has since worked as external consultant for Tradeshift and other startups before co-founding Biowatch. Mikkel has 15+ years of professional experience building digital services.

Anders Nielsen

With almost 20 years of tech and development experience, Anders has been in charge of many development projects and teams. He has been involved with several startups, had his own consultancy and is a co-founder and former CTO of betting company Spilleselskabet 25syv (Bet25, Rød25, Derby25 and Casino Go) up until exit. He has a strong business understanding and finds the best way of leveraging tech to reach strategic business goals.

Jeanette Oxlund
Mental Health

Jeanette is an experienced personal advisor for executives across sectors. Specializing in mindfulness, high performance and stress management, she has served as one of the leading mental trainers in organizations at all levels. Jeanette has a passion for personal development and body-mind-connection. Higher consciousness and mental wellbeing is a fundamental prerequisite for successful preventive measures.